Our Process

What can you do with a MixLink?

First Step

Centralise Social Profile

Centralize your social media with Trust link and make social media management easy for your team.

Second Step

Click Analytics

Finding it difficult to understand google analytics data. Use MixLink Analytics. You will know phone, location, best time to publish and much.

Third Step


Publish One and see everywhere. You will be able to link MixSocial account with link tree and get all the latest posts from social media feeds. 

Second Step

Business Tools

Businesses can use link tree to promote their website, job opening or an app. Think is like an automated profile that can be used as one page business card but with more capability.

Invite Only

Request Free Beta Account
(Worth ₹5,000)


Frequently Asked Questions

MixCommerce encourages entrepreneurs and business to get started and run your business for free and pay us when you grow by updating freemium to premium. 

No, Forever free plans will be up for lifetime. Just comply with our security guidelines and terms of service to keep the platform and we will love you here.  

Yes. Your data is protected with industry grade transportation security, encryption, and important compliances to keep your data safe.

All platform are being released one by one and will be available for free in it’s beta phase(3 months-12 months). You get access to platform($100-$1000 worth) for free and we get your feedback to improve the product. 

Once the beta phase is over, your will be downgraded to forever freemium plan. All your data will be moved to the platform. 

In we receive feedbacks from you, we will be inviting you in further beta releases as user.

MixCommerce is perfect for bootstrapped startups and businesses. Use any of products with and choose freemium model to get started. This should be enough to fulfill your basic needs as a brand. 

More than 30% product advisors and feedback crowed is from marketing agencies. 

Simply because, we want to be perfect for agencies need.

Most of our marketing products are being developed considering agency as our first audience. 

Feel free to signup for a freemium or consider taking a demo before you upgrade.