Your Free Business CardScanner - Beyond Scanning, It's Outreach and More

CardScanner is not just a business card scanner; it’s your ultimate contact management tool. Seamlessly scan, manage, and outreach with ease, and experience the future of networking.


Use Cases

MixCertificate caters to a wide range of users, including businesses recognizing employee achievements, educational institutions awarding course completions, event organizers honoring participants, and communities acknowledging contributions. MixCertificate is trusted by businesses, educational institutions, and event organizers to elevate their certificate processes.


Why Choose CardScanner?

CardScanner is not just a business card scanner; it's a comprehensive contact management tool that goes beyond scanning. Here are the key features that set CardScanner apart:

Accurate Business Card Scanning

Effortlessly scan business cards with precision using advanced OCR technology. Instantly digitize contact details, saving time and eliminating manual data entry for seamless efficiency.

Comprehensive Contact Management:

Efficiently organize contacts by categorizing and tagging for easy retrieval. Access and manage contacts seamlessly from any device with the installed app, ensuring convenience on the go.

Outreach and Engagement

Effortlessly connect with contacts using built-in outreach tools. Initiate emails, calls, or social media connections directly from the app, fostering and nurturing professional relationships seamlessly.

Integration with CMS, WordPress, and Shopify

Seamlessly integrate CardScanner with popular CRM, Salesforce, ZOHO, Google Sheets, Zapier, and custom hook.

Import Data and Data Migration

Simplify contact management by easily importing existing data into CardScanner, ensuring all connections are in one place. Streamline the data migration process when transitioning from other contact management providers.

Create Campaigns

Create and launch campaigns seamlessly from the app to promote products, services, or events. Tailor campaign widgets and landing pages to align perfectly with your campaign objectives for maximum impact.

Customer Journey Mapping

Enhance your strategy by visualizing and optimizing the customer journey through tracking and analyzing interactions with your contacts. Gain insights into how contacts engage with your outreach efforts, enabling data-driven decisions for continual improvement.

Drip Campaigns

Automate drip campaigns to nurture leads through the sales funnel. Set triggers, conditions, and schedules to seamlessly deliver content, enhancing customer engagement and ensuring a strategic approach to conversion.

Useful Benefits

When you get started with CardScanner, your clients will experience


Save time and resources with automated processes using CSV & API.


Upload data using CSV file or using API. Your certificates will be sent without any intervention.


Make informed decisions with powerful reporting and analytics features that provide insights into trends and user behavior.

Experience you can trust.

Empower your certificates with MixCertificate today. Join the revolution of simplified certificate management and enhance the impact of your achievements.



Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: CardScanner is a free business card scanner app that goes beyond scanning, offering comprehensive contact management, outreach tools, and much more.

Answer: CardScanner uses advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to accurately extract information from scanned business cards.

Answer: Yes, CardScanner allows you to categorize and organize your contacts, making it easy to retrieve and manage your network.

Answer: Absolutely. CardScanner offers search and tagging features to help you find and categorize contacts with ease.

Answer: Yes, CardScanner is available for free, providing essential contact management and outreach features at no cost.

Answer: CardScanner is available on both iOS and Android platforms, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Answer: Yes, CardScanner offers cloud storage, enabling you to access your contacts from any device with the app installed.

Answer: CardScanner allows you to send emails, make calls, or connect on social media directly from the app, streamlining your outreach efforts.

Answer: Yes, CardScanner’s outreach tools make it easy to send follow-up emails to contacts you’ve met at events or networking sessions.

Answer: Yes, CardScanner provides options to import existing contacts, ensuring all your connections are in one place.

Answer: CardScanner supports integration with popular email platforms, making it easy to send emails and manage your correspondence.

Answer: CardScanner takes data security seriously and uses encryption to protect your contact information.

Answer: Yes, CardScanner is suitable for both personal and professional contact management.

Answer: CardScanner is designed with a user-friendly interface for a seamless experience.

Answer: Getting started with CardScanner is easy. Simply download the app, follow the setup instructions, and start scanning and managing your contacts.

Answer: CardScanner offers an ad-supported free version, with the option to upgrade to an ad-free premium version.

Answer: Yes, CardScanner supports multiple languages, making it suitable for managing contacts from around the world.

Answer: Yes, CardScanner provides export options, allowing you to share your contacts with other platforms and services.

Answer: While an internet connection is not required for scanning business cards, it is necessary for some features like email and social media outreach.

Answer: Yes, CardScanner offers customer support to assist users with any questions or issues they may encounter while using the app.