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Publish on all major social media platform from one place MixSocial, A product that will help you plan, schedule, onboard writer and much more.

Product Features

All Platforms

Connect all major business social media accounts and enjoy “publish once, see everywhere” from one dashboard. 

Schedule Post

Schedule posts for the future and stop missing any event. Spend 1-2 days on content and you are done for year.  

Country Calendar

Marketing platform for Startups, SMBs, SMEs with experts & recommendation engine.

Onboard Team

A sales system loved by sales. Pull Leads, Onboard Sales, and track productivity and much more.

Content Library

Got a post idea and want it to be in draft. Use the My Library feature in MixSocial. Ooh Yes, It’s free for early users!  

Public Library

Get 1000+ of free wishes, images, content, quotes for events happening in your audience. Copy, Edit, Publish.

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Become a Beta User

Use $499 worth MixSocial account for free as a beta user with an exchange to share your awesome feedback. We will use your suggestions to improve your product.  


Use any of our products for free. Upgrade as you sales and profit grows.


One platform to manage your online business, marketing, sales and support.


Integrate our products with existing platforms and go beyond our capability.


MixCommerce spends time in looking challenges and looks to innovate products.

Why Choose Us

Because it makes sense to
save cost and grow fast!

MixSocial goal is to solve social planning, distribution and publishing for SMBs, SMEs and startups.

We are marketers, engineers and entrepreneurs facing 40M+ traffic and 100s of companies. We want to simplify content process, and solve in a way so business likes your’s do not have to solve it again and again.   


How to get started?

01. Start

Request a MixSocial [FREE] beta account worth $499.

02. Configure

Connect all you your social media, and plan your content.

03. Operate

Onboard client, SM manager, designer and start publishing.


Frequently Asked Questions

MixSocial encourages entrepreneurs and business to get started and run your business for free and pay us when you grow by updating freemium to premium. 

No, Forever free plans will be up for lifetime. Just comply with our security guidelines and terms of service to keep the platform and we will love you here.  

Yes. Your data is protected with industry grade transportation security, encryption, and important compliances to keep your data safe.

All platform are being released one by one and will be available for free in it’s beta phase(3 months-12 months). You get access to platform($100-$1000 worth) for free and we get your feedback to improve the product. 

Once the beta phase is over, your will be downgraded to forever freemium plan. All your data will be moved to the platform. 

In we receive feedbacks from you, we will be inviting you in further beta releases as user.

MixSocial is perfect for bootstrapped startups and businesses. Use any of products with and choose freemium model to get started. This should be enough to fulfill your basic needs as a brand. 

More than 30% of product advisers and feedback crowed is from marketing agencies.

Simply because we want to be perfect for agencies’ needs.

Most of our marketing products are being developed considering agency as our first audience.

Feel free to become a beta user and use the platform for free before you become a paid user. You just need to give a few honest feedback in return.  


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